Thank you to everyone who has supported Alexis in her fight against cancer

“Update” as of December 7, 2016.

“Alexis is working with a pediatric oncology team at Kaiser, a Naturopathic doctor, UC Davis Children’s Center and various other holistic practitioners. My goal is to treat this illness from all aspects available to give her the greatest opportunity to beat this. I believe she can and will overcome this.


After the testing is done in January, if another surgery is an option, we are hoping to begin working with a tumor specialist in Long Beach, California who will take the live tumor tissue and test it in a laboratory using chemotherapy drugs and other treatments. He will then give us his findings, what treatments work on her cells and which ones are not effective. This will be extremely valuable in her treatment plan. 


At this time, Kaiser and UC Davis are being covered by my insurance, the Naturopathic Doctor, treatments outside of chemotherapy and the Tumor Specialist are all out of pocket. The out of pocket expenses are what we are raising money for. If you need any other information, feel free to call or email me anytime.”

Alexis’ story…a few weeks ago Alexis was taken to the ER with extreme back pain. A large tumor was found in her abdomen and she under went a major surgery. After the surgery she was diagnosed with Primitive Neuro Ectodermal Tumor or PNET, a rare cancer that occurs in children and young adults.



This news was unexpected and devastating. Alexis just graduated from high school in June and was planning to attend college, open an online business and become a certified special effects makeup artist. With an aggressive treatment plan in place, Alexis will be putting her dreams on hold to fight for a cure. My daughter is a fighter (yes, it runs in the family) and with the love and support of her family, friends and community, we believe she will beat this. This fund will support Alexis through the healing proccess and overcoming this life altering diagnosis.

Any support given will go towards medical and therapeutic equipment and treatment.

Thank you for your support!

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Here we go…chemotherapy day 1. We got this!!! #cancersucks

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