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Checkered Past MMA Outreach is a non-profit organization that utilizes MMA competition as a catalyst to help at-risk youth develop constructive values and principles. Over the past few years the fighters and volunteers of Checkered Past have organized free youth clinics where kids are in courage to lead a life of respect…respect for themselves and respect for the community. Our goal is to be good role models for our youth and to inspire a life-style where kids can reach there full potential. Signed: Clean Fighter

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My name is Jimmy Jennett. I am a professional MMA Fighter
and the Founder of Checkered Past MMA Outreach.

First off, I want to welcome everyone to Checkered Past and say I hope our outreach mission becomes less synonymous with me, personally, and more about community ownership and proud representation of our core value: helping at-risk youth develop constructive values and solid principles. One of our hallmarks is carrying a drug prevention message to the next generation. I personally fight for this and carry a clean and sober message into the octagon.

Our outreach seeks to empower kids in tough situations to speak out, weather the storm like a boxing match, and get out! We advocate for people in dangerous domestic violence, bullying, suicidal and substance or alcohol situations and offer many resources to anyone facing these struggles right here on this website. The bottom line is we care.

Personally, I was a promising young man growing up in a dysfunctional home. I made some bad decisions in my youth that resulted in becoming a very willful and bad young man. I’m on my ninth life and praise God I’ve seen the light. I truly believe I’m here to give back what’s been freely given to me and that’s what I’m committed to do. I’m an advocate for health, good decision making and keeping good company. I truly believe we’re here to help one another and raise the kids up right!If everyone incorporated these beliefs and effort into their lives, the world would improve exponentially.

In closing, thank you for your interest and support of Checkered Past MMA Outreach.


Jimmy Jennett





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